Swimming Game – Circle Circle and Under


Circle Circle and Under

Core Skill

The core skill focused on in this game is swimming agility and comfort with submersion. It encourages children to practice quick movements in the water and become more comfortable with the idea of going under the water.


This game is designed for children who are learning to swim and can stand easily in belly or chest deep water. It’s ideal for those who are at the beginner level and are just starting to get comfortable with being in the water.


Circle Circle and Under is a swimming lesson game where children form two circles and practice swimming agility by racing around and moving under the water in a controlled environment.


  1. Form two circles with children of a similar size: an inner circle and an outer circle.
  2. On the instructor’s signal, children in the outer circle race around the inner circle.
  3. Once they return to their starting point, they swim under their partner’s legs or, if not confident, move underneath their partner’s arm.

Difficulties Instructors Might Face

  • Confidence Levels: Some children may be hesitant to put their faces in the water or swim under someone’s legs.
  • Physical Coordination: The act of swimming under or through legs requires coordination, which might be challenging for beginners.
  • Safety: Ensuring all children are safe during the activity, especially when they are underwater, is a primary concern.
  • Attention Span: Keeping the children focused on the game and not getting distracted can be difficult, especially for younger swimmers.
  • Skill Variation: There may be a wide range of skill levels within the group, making it challenging to ensure that all children are engaged and adequately challenged.

This game is adapted by Swim England’s :

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