Membership Benefits: Teaching Swimming Workbook PDF

The PDF version of the Teaching Swimming workbook.

Print it.

Use the digital resource online.

Share it with you or your staff.

Color-coded sections for easy reference:

Blue sections are the essential swim skills.

Learn how to teach each of the essential swim skills with tips and guidance related to each one.

Lean what to do, and what not to do.

Beyond essential skills, learn HOW to teach.

We teach you how to earn trust through repeated honest, how to remove “okay” at the end of your sentences and explain why it erodes your authority.

We want you and your staff to teach high quality swimming lessons with a few simple tips.

PDF = unlimited downloads and prints.

You can take our PDF and print it as many times as you need.

Are you training a large staff and have the printing resources to provide everyone with their own training workbook? Do it!

Print a copy of the Teaching Swimming workbook for each of your pools and use them as a reference.

Worksheets and Discussion sections to further learning

Throughout the workbook are pages for quizzing your knowledge and asking important questions that will help you choose how to be a better teacher.

In the back of the book are all the answers.

Learn what NOT to do

Sprinkled throughout the skills and lessons are sections on Common Mistakes, and examples of POOR swimming technique.

Sometimes we learn best from seeing failure, from experiencing it, and from seeing examples of what you shouldn’t see.

We want to give you every opportunity to be a great swimming teacher.

Membership provides tools that make swim instruction easier, effective, and fun! Check out all we offer today.

$199.97 / year

Better swimming.
Download FREE tools.

Download a free preview of our Premium Lesson Plans & unique SwimSheets.

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