Practice 7/16/2020 Minnows & Sharks


1 x 100 IM Kick
1 x 100 BK Swim
Review Streamline and Position 11
1 x 50 Position 11

Question of the Day:
What strokes are you allowed to do a flip turn in during a 50 swim?

Correct: Do 4 front flips and 1 back flip (in a ball)
Wrong: Swim Free to 1/2 way, flip, and swim BK back to your spot.

Justin Challenge: Handstand rewind
Push off the wall towards the T mark like you’re going to do a handstand, but don’t; instead push on the ground so you launch back at the wall and hit it with your feet.

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1 x 50 on 2:00: FLY KICK
3 x 50 on 2:00: FREE
Focus on Reaching to position 11 with each stroke.

Float on stomach for 5 seconds. Turn it into a front flip without using your hands; tuck them into your hips. Do it 4 times if you can.

1 x 50 on 2:00: BK KICK
3 x 50 on 2:00: FREE
Focus on Keeping 1 goggle eye in the water when you breathe.

Challenge –

3 x lay on bottom with belly button, nose, and 1 big toe touching bottom

1 x 50 on 2:00: BK KICK
3 x 50 on 2:00: FREE
Focus on strong kick throughout your swim.

Use your hands to push off the wall underwater and “streamline” feet first to the yellow. BONUS make it underwater to the flags.

Like a feet first streamline pushing with hands. HINT: Point toes, lock knees together, squeeze core tight.

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