Private Lessons 12/18/2020

1 x 100 IM Kick
8 x 25: IM Order 1st 4 are Swim, Last 4 are KICK
1 x 50 Position 11: tell coach 3 things for SL and 11

Question of the Day:
What is the youngest age you can be on Coho?
Correct: Do that number of back flips in a ball
Wrong: Swim a 50 BK

1 x 100: BK K
2 x 25: FREE swim fast
1 x 100 BK
2 x 25 FREE swim FASTER
1 x 100 BK K
2 x 25 FREE swim FASTEST EVER!!!!
1 x 50 CH

Challenge –

Spin in a circle with your whole head above water without touching the ground. Do it again 2x. Do it again without using your hands! and again with 10 toes above the water.

With your feet on top of the lane line, and your arms in Vampire Sleep, keep your belly button and face above water for 5 seconds.

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