SIP 100: A plan, a formula, a guide–a-formula–a-guide-e2b7j4b

This can be that guide for you.

But… you need to know where you’re going. What are you going to have as your plan? What is your formula for success going to be? How will you structure your swimming developmental program for fun and effective instruction.

Fun. Children. Establishing habit. Enforcing excellence.

You need to have a plan, a formula, and guide.  Where are you going what are you intending to do? What are you intending and what are you pulling from?

Define your minimum skill level.

  • Who will you accept?
  • What will your tryout be?
  • What will you be teaching, training, or working on in practices?

Define your levels or grouping for developmental swimmers.

  • Will you be a single practice group or multiple?
  • What needs to be demonstrated before a swimmer moves out of your group?

Define how you will structure your practices.

  • Which location
  • Lane size, distance, type
  • Maximum number of swimmers
  • How many coaches
  • What do coaches do in a practice?

Define how you will write your practices.

  • What is important for you?
  • Yardage vs skill learning
  • How will you teach new skills in a way that allows failure, but doesn’t promote bad habits?
  • Will there be fun baked in?
    • What do you define as fun?

Define what your goals are for swimmers in your Developmental practices.

  • Fun?
  • Love of the sport
  • Drill work and skill focus
  • What does the coach want to do in the practice?
  • What do you want the swimmers to take from practices?

Define competition

  • Can developmental swimmers go to swim meets?
  • Should they compete?
  • Starts?
  • Disqualifications.

Write it down.

Better swimming.
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