Swimming Game – Challenge: Halloween Costume Stroke


Halloween Costume Stroke

Core Skill

Freestyle swimming with creativity and fun


Level 3 and Level 4 swimmers who are familiar with the freestyle stroke and can swim at least half a length of the pool.


The challenge asks swimmers to identify what costume they’re going to wear for Halloween. Then, they must do a streamline and swim freestyle with or without breathing to the flags or 1/2 way swimming as if they were their costume they’re going to wear.


Some examples of costumes and how to swim like them are:

  • Superman: Blast off in streamline in position 1 like Superman flies, then swim freestyle with power, strength and invincibility.
  • Shark: Dive into the water like a shark hunting its prey, then swim freestyle with fast and smooth strokes, occasionally lifting your head out of the water to show your teeth.
  • Witch: Start in a sitting position on the edge of the pool like a witch on a broomstick, then push off and swim freestyle with long and sweeping strokes, using your arms as if you were casting spells.

Difficulties the instructors may face

Some possible difficulties that the instructors may face are:

  • Some swimmers may not have a clear idea of what costume they want to wear or how to swim like it. The instructors can help them by suggesting some options or giving them hints.
  • Some swimmers may have trouble swimming freestyle without breathing or for a long distance. The instructors can modify the challenge by allowing them to breathe as needed or reducing the distance they have to swim.
  • Some swimmers may get distracted by other swimmers’ costumes or performances. The instructors can remind them to focus on their own swimming and encourage them to cheer for their peers.

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