Swimming Game – Challenge: Witch Which Witch


Witch Which Witch

Core Skill

This game helps swimmers practice their streamline position, balance, and coordination.


This game is suitable for swimmers who can swim at least 25 meters without stopping and are comfortable in deep water.


This game is a swimming challenge where swimmers pretend to be witches flying on broomsticks. The broomsticks are pool noodles or lifeguard tubes that they hold between their legs. They have to push off the wall and glide over the water without doing anything and stay on top of the broomstick until they reach the T mark. The most successful one gets to be the Master Witch and cast a spell on any of the other witches.


  • Divide the swimmers into groups of four or five and give each group a pool noodle or a lifeguard tube.
  • Have each group line up at one end of the pool and hold the broomstick between their legs.
  • On the signal, have them push off the wall and glide over the water in a streamline position, keeping their arms straight and their head down.
  • The first one to reach the T mark or the farthest one from the wall after 10 seconds gets to be the Master Witch.
  • The Master Witch then gets to cast a spell on any of the other witches in their group. The spell lasts for 5 minutes or until the next round.
  • Repeat the challenge until everyone gets a chance to be the Master Witch.

Difficulties instructors may face

  • Some swimmers may have trouble staying on top of the broomstick or keeping their balance. Instructors can help them by adjusting the position of the broomstick or giving them tips on how to maintain their streamline.
  • Some swimmers may cheat by kicking, paddling, or using their arms. Instructors can monitor them and penalize them by making them start over or casting a spell on them.
  • Some swimmers may not like the spells that are cast on them or may find them too hard or too easy. Instructors can modify the spells according to the level and preference of the swimmers.

Example spells

Here are some more example spells that can be used in this game:

  • You’re a frog! You have to hop in and out of the water using only your legs.
  • Freeze! You have to stay still in one spot and not move at all.
  • Splash! You have to splash water on everyone you see using only your hands.
  • Bubble! You have to blow bubbles with your mouth every time you breathe.
  • Reverse! You have to swim backwards using only your arms.
  • You’re a fish! You can’t do flutter kick, only fly kick because you have a fish tail.
  • Silence! You can’t talk.
  • Zap! Whenever you hear a whistle you have to pretend to be electrocuted and shake like you’re being zapped.

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