Swimming Game – Fly and Back

What Swimming Skill will be the focus?

Flatter surface fly, and pressing down with arms extended

Explain the game in detail. What gives a challenge to everyone, but allows for failure?

Relay race. Everyone will get a chance to compete, and be part of the team.

Put toys at the bottom of the pool just beyond the ½ way mark.

Divide swimmers into lanes and equal numbers inside each lane.

Swimmers go 1 at a time in a Relay Race. Each swimmer does quick, fast, on the surface FLY swim to ½ way. When they reach ½ way, they dive down to the bottom with their hands above their heads in Position 11 immediately after they complete their last FLY stroke (with hands hitting the water in front of them, extended).

Upon reaching the bottom, swimmers pick up a toy, and kick BACKSTROKE back to the wall, holding their toy on their belly with 2 hands.

The team that finishes first is the winner.

    Victory Conditions:

  • Team who finishes first in true relay style
  • Team with the most toys collected. Swimmers may participate multiple times. Go until all toys picked up from bottom.

DQ’s for people that go down underwater too early, or who don’t swim legal FLY.

    If someone DQ’d, throw the toy back to past ½ way.

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What can we do to force the swimmers to interact while attempting the skill?

Encourage that they cheer for each other. Talk about what got them DQ’d and help each other remember specifics of FLY swim.

Forgetting streamline is a good thing to DQ on and the competition will lead to lane discussion and help remembering each time they go.

What are the clear, obvious, examples of success and failure?

Success: Legal Fly, quality streamline, properly going to the bottom: arms extended forward and doing fly kick to toy. Kicking on back with 2 hands on toy until the wall (1 hand above head to touch wall acceptable)

Failure: Illegal FLY swim: free kick, deep strokes, bent arms, non-simultaneous arm recovery, poor quality streamline, doing FREE kick, using arms on Backstroke Kick to propel faster.

  • If swimmer is DQ’d, throw the toy back to past ½ way
    • If playing RELAY style, the whole relay is DQ’d at the end
    • If playing until toys are gone, then the toy is replaced by the DQ’d individual.

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How can the activity be explained the simplest?

Split up the lanes into equal swimmers in each lane.

Put either:

  • Equal number of toys on the bottom of pool just past ½ way as there are swimmers
  • More toys than there are swimmers on the bottom of the pool just past ½ way

One person in each lane will go at a time.

Swimmer will do Streamline, then FLY swim to ½ way. Goal is to swim quick and fast on the surface of the pool.

Once you get to ½ way, after your last fly stroke, keep your hands above your head extended and do fly kick to the bottom of the pool.

Pick up a toy, push off bottom, and do BACKSTROKE kick back to the wall. Must have 2 hands holding the toy on your stomach.

Once swimmer with toy reaches the wall, next swimmer goes.

Must do legal FLY swim, a good quality streamline with 3 goals: 1) Thumb locked 2) Ears squeezed 3) looking down. On Back Kick, must have 2 hands on toy until the end where 1 hand up to touch wall is acceptable.

Victory Conditions:

  • 1st relay to finish wins
  • When all the toys are gone, the team with the most toys at the wall wins.

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