Swimming Game – Spider

Game Name: Spider.
Skills Developed: Breath control, confidence and swimming under water.

This game is meant for private classes that do not have too many learners. There are two roles: one swimmer will act as the web while another acts as the spider.

The thing that should act as a pre-requisite for this game is that the swimmers have to be willing to swim under water, or at least that is the skill they are going to hone through playing this game.

The "spider" puts a foot and hand on each wall in the corner.
The “spider” puts a foot and hand on each wall in the corner.


Have one swimmer go to the corner of the pool and have their right hand holding onto one side of the pool and the left hand holding onto the other. The same with their legs, the right to one side of the pool, touching the wall and the left to the other, touching the wall as well. The point is to have some space between them and the corner walls of the pool. This is the swimmer that will act as the web.

The swimmer that will act as the spider is to try and swim through the webs limbs. They are to swim between the right arm and right foot of the web and go through to the left arm and left foot, passing between the web and the corner walls. Like threading a needle. They are then come up under both legs to end up inside the web. The trick is to do all this without resurfacing for air and without touching the web at any one point.

As the teacher, you can have the spaces between the webs limbs vary according to the desired skill level. You could start off by letting the swimmers touch the web and resurface for air as you horn in on the skill levels you are aiming for. As time goes, they are to do this without touch and breath. Have the players continuously switch roles.

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