Swimming Game – Activities on Ping Pong Balls

Seastarz Swim School was kind enough to let me post this here. I wanted to share this with everyone because it is an awesome idea.

I have a few thoughts on how I assume this would work in both swim lessons and on swim teams.

Category: Group Activity

Core Skill: Coach’s Choice

Name: Ping Pong Adventure

This game comes from Seastarz Swim School in Perth, Australia.



I think this game will work for any level and group that you choose to take the time and tailor your “ping pong ball activities to. If you plan this out in advance and have a range of approved games and skills you want to work on write them down and separate them out into level specific piles or areas. For extra fun lump them all together of all abilities and give them to your swim team!



This game features probability. Swimmers will work on whatever skills you choose, but if you put in a 2:1 ratio of games to learning activities then the majority of the time your swimmers will be doing games.

You can work on any skill you choose based on what you decide to label the balls with.



Get a pile of ping pong balls. Get a sharpie, or permanent marker of some kind.

Write one activity or one game name on each ball. Use shorthand or something easily recognizable to identify your chosen thing.

For example, write ” 3 x SL + 5 FREE + 1 breath + 1 flip,” or “True or False 3 questions.”

Put your balls with activities written on them in a basket or a hat, or some receptacle and have swimmers pull one out at a time. They do that activity, then return for another pull.

Discard activities into a seperate hat or bin, and save them for the next round.


Let me know if you’ve played this game! Leave a comment, or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.

And stop by Seastarz Swim School  to say, “Thank you!”

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