Swimming Game – Away Camp

Game – Away Camp

Game played a little like Dungeons and Dragons.

Coach tells the story of what the swimmers do and they get choices.

Draw out your map. There is the central lodge, the bunks (top right), the Lake with different activities (Kayak, Rowboat, Canoe, paddle board), the archery range, the basketball courts, and the volleyball courts. Final is the fireplace.

Each thing you draw or map out will have an activity associated with it. The paths connecting each are broken up and labled with a distance. To go from the bunk beds to the firepit is 2 (1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2). In this case, a 50 Free.

Moving between locations is done by “walking” and in swimming is Free or Back. Choose the distances appropriate to your groups.

Swimmers arrived at camp and met the camp director at the lodge/cafeteria.

The then go to their dark forest bunk. It is infested with animals. Only bunk beds. The bottom bunk is clean. The top bunk has an owl nesting on it. You can do triple bunks with mice crumbs and stuff.

Challenge: Do the deepest streamline to see who gets the bottom bunk.

Determine bunk location.

Walk back to the lodge. Choose 1 activity for the afternoon.

Canoe: 25 1 arm only back

Paddle Board: 2 x SL + 1 arm free 3 strokes

Row Boat: 2 x SL + 2 FLY wrong like rowing a boat.

Kayak: 2 x SL + 2 FR but with straight arms like using a kayak paddle.

Volley ball: push someone who is floating in a ball like you’re “setting” a ball. 2 x.

Basketball: push someone from the T mark at the wall in a “ball” when the “ball” gets to the wall they do a flip. If they land their feet on the X mark then the person that shot the ball gets a point. Do 2.

Archery: Streamline push a friend (the arrow) must hit the wall in the middle with fingers. CLoser to above the X mark means a bullseye.

After 1 activity all walk (swim) to the fireplace.

Recite the 3 things for SL, Position 11, and better swimming. Like chanting around a campfire. Introduce the bear.

Walk back to bunk.

At bunk go to sleep. Top bunk must clear out the owl.

Bottom bunk does 2 x SL on back plus put hands behind head like sleeping.

Top bunk does 2 x SL on back plus swat the owl away above water with arms then put hands behind head like sleeping.

If they fail then they don’t rest and sleep and must do 10 situps or 10 pushups to simulate being tired.

Go to breakfast at the lodge. Walk/ swim there.

Eat breakfast: 2 x SL + 11, Eat, 11

Pick 2 activities for the day. Do them.

Return to lodge for dinner. 2 x SL + 11, Eat, 11

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