Swimming Game – Bubble Pop; AI generated

Name: Bubble Pop
Objective: To teach toddlers how to blow bubbles in the water and control their breath.
Materials: A pool noodle or a long inflatable toy.

  • Cut the pool noodle or the inflatable toy into small pieces, about 10 cm long each. These will be the bubbles that the toddlers will try to pop.
  • Scatter the bubbles around the shallow end of the pool, making sure they are within reach of the toddlers.
  • Ask the toddlers to pick up a bubble and hold it in front of their mouth.
  • Tell them to blow on the bubble as hard as they can, and then let go of it. The bubble should fly out of their hand and make a splash in the water.
  • Encourage them to chase after the bubble and try to catch it again, or pick up another one and repeat the process.
  • Praise them for making big bubbles and splashes, and remind them to take a breath before blowing again.
  • You can also join in the game and show them how to blow bubbles, or challenge them to see who can make the biggest splash.


  • This game helps toddlers practice blowing bubbles in the water, which is a key skill for learning how to swim. Blowing bubbles helps them regulate their breathing, relax their facial muscles, and get used to having their face in the water.
  • This game also helps toddlers develop their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and spatial awareness, as they have to aim, release, and catch the bubbles.
  • This game is fun and engaging for toddlers, as they get to play with colorful and soft toys that make noise and movement in the water. They can also interact with you and other toddlers, and enjoy the sensation of splashing and popping bubbles.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 8/29/2023
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