Swimming Game – Challenge: Two Toe Tornado

Play this challenge as a simple one off individually with a simple pass or fail or play it as a competitive race with points!


The challenge is called Two Toe Tornado and teaches how important using your full leg from hips to knees, to legs are in kicking and movement.

You need a kickboard or a barbell, two benches, and a pool with enough space between them.-

You hold the kickboard or barbell with both hands and jump into the water from one bench.-

You freeze your legs together and only use your toes and ankles to kick.

You cannot use any other part of your body to move forward.-

You try to reach the other bench using only your toes and ankles.

If you do, you complete the challenge.

Played as a game


Two Toe Tornado

Core Skill

Ankle and toe flexibility and strength


Swimmers of any age or skill level who can swim with a kickboard or a barbell


  • Place two benches at opposite ends of the pool, about 10 meters apart.
  • Divide the swimmers into two teams and have them line up behind the benches.
  • Give each swimmer a kickboard or a barbell to hold in front of them.
  • The first swimmer from each team jumps into the water and holds the kickboard or barbell with both hands.
  • The swimmers must freeze their legs together and only move their ankles and toes to kick. They cannot use their knees, hips, or upper body to propel themselves.
  • The challenge is to see if they can reach the other bench using only their toes and ankles to kick. If they do, they score a point for their team and tag the next swimmer. If they don’t, they have to swim back to their bench and let the next swimmer try.
  • The game continues until one team reaches a certain number of points or until a time limit is up. The team with the most points wins.

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