Swimming Game – Challenge: Streamline on Side to flags

Streamline on your side, looking at the wall. Make it past 1/2 way.
Must be totally on side, no tilting.


Side Streamline Challenge

Core Skill:

Body Position and Balance


Swimmers who have mastered the basic streamline position and can kick on their front and back.


A challenge to practice maintaining a horizontal and streamlined position on the side, while looking at the wall.


Swimmers start at one end of the pool, in a streamline position on their side, with one arm extended in front and the other arm along their body. They kick on their side, keeping their head aligned with their spine and their eyes looking at the wall. They try to make it past the halfway mark of the pool without breaking their streamline or tilting their body. They can switch sides at the wall or halfway, if they want to practice both sides.

Struggles an instructor might face:

Some swimmers may find it hard to balance on their side, especially if they are used to looking down or up when swimming. They may also tend to roll their hips or shoulders, which will create drag and slow them down. To help them, the instructor can use cues like “keep your ear in the water”, “look at the wall”, “keep your belly button facing the bottom”, or “imagine you are a pencil”. The instructor can also demonstrate the correct position, use a kickboard or noodle to support the swimmer’s head or arm, or give feedback on how far they made it.

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