Swimming Game – Flick a Frog

Category: Personal Challenge

Core Skill: Aerobic Workout (coach’s choice)

Name: Flick a Frog

I like to use props when I can, and some days they’re better than others. I happened to stumble upon a basket of little plastic frogs.


Naturally, I wanted to figure out a way to incorporate them into my swim lessons or swim practice. This is from a few years ago.  The main challenge I had was “how do you use these little plastic frogs in a swim lesson setting? How do you tie the challenge of making these little toys “jump?” Check out the video below to see what I eventually came up with.

Swimmers each get their own frog. They then take turns making the frog “jump” into the circles. If they get the frog in the hula hoop (large circle) they get to do an easier activity like 50 choice, or 50 swim. If they miss, then they have to do a 50 kick / swim of backstroke. If they get the frog in the tiny circle (the diving ring) then they do a fun activity like 3 front flips, and the second time they get it in they get to do a 25 swim with a noodle, or an alligator wrestle, etc. It is very difficult to get the frogs to “jump” correctly and expect lots of failure.



This game is appropriate for anyone that can already swim and has an understanding of longer distances. Kids that know how to swim a 50 free, 50 back, and at least what 50 breaststroke kick or swim is, and 50 fly kick and swim. The video shows the second level of the swim team, Developmental 2. They know how to do streamline, swim 50’s freestyle, and backstroke, and are learning breaststroke kick and butterfly kick. They are familiar with the concept of 50 Back kick down and swim back (where you do a 50 where the first 25 is only kick in soldier, and the second 25 is swim backstroke).

Items you’ll need:

Frogs, hula hoop, diving rings.



The game works on whatever the coach wants to work on that day.  Assume that most people will miss every attempt. The flick a frog, then do the activity based on the result. Pick a broad somewhat easy skill but that requires effort for the flat out miss, or fail selection. For the large circle, make it more aerobic, but higher up on the likability scale. Do something that will give them a workout, but allows choice or something the kids like doing. Maybe a 50 with a noodle; fun but not necessarily easy.


Give everyone their own frog. Each person gets 1 chance to “flick the frog” from the side of the pool into the rings. If they miss a ring, they do something. If they get the frog on the flick into the big ring, they do a slightly more fun activity. If they get it in the little diving ring, they do something very fun. Everyone gets to go 5-6 times. Allow a few minutes to practice before you begin.


Miss = 50 BK K/S with fins.  (50 backstroke where the first 25 is kick only, and the second 25 is swim backstroke wearing fins).

Hula Hoop = 50 CH Swim with Fins (CH = choice: fly, back, breast, or free)

Diving Ring: 1st: 5 flips and a 1minute float. 2nd: 25 noodle swim, 3rd: Coach gets you a water. 4th: 50 fins silly swim 5th: sing a song for 20 seconds.


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