Swimming Game – Flip a Coin

Category: Group Challenge, Chance

Core Skill: Coach’s choice

Name: Flip a Race

You’ll need two large coins. Quarters will do.

The coach flips a coin, then a swimmer flips a coin. Swimmers take turns flipping one of the coins.

There will be four options:

  • Coach Heads, Swimmer Heads
  • Coach Heads, Swimmer Tails
  • Coach Tails, Swimmer Tails
  • Coach Tails, Swimmer Heads

Before the coin flip the swimmers need to choose the stroke.

Before the game the coach should choose the distances: Swimmer wins, coach wins, and tie.

Before the coin flip, coach decides what a winning flip is, heads or tails, or swimmers call it in the air.


For example: Win distance, 50 yards. Tie distance 50 yards kick, Lose distance 100 yards.

Before the coin flip the swimmer flipping the coin chooses the stroke, then on “go” the coach and the swimmer flip their coins and the rest of the swimmers “call” it in the air (or see the result if a winning side is chosen).

Coach gets heads, swimmer gets tails, then b/c coach won, swimmers do 100 yard of the swim stroke chosen.



Have you played this game? It is fun when the swimmers get really motivated to win the flips!

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