Swimming Game – Halloween Challenges

3 x Angry Pumpkin Float + Flip

Push off the wall like an angry pumpkin, scowling, howling, and cringing with unhappiness your insides were scooped out.

At the yellow, or ~ 3 body lengths away take out your unhappiness by flipping 2x if possible without hands or feet.

3 x SL + 2 Bat Wing Flaps

Kinda like butterfly, but sweep your arms like a bat flapping its wings. Fangs and biting optional (fake bites).

Normal streamline, flap arms at sides like fluttering to fly as a bat.

Swoop to the ground near flags and attack your prey!

3 x SL + 3 Skeleton BK

You’re all bones! Have someone move your arms for you.

Drag a friend in SL, then do 3 BK strokes for them.

They have no muscles to move on their own!

3 x SL + 3 Zombie FREE

Take three crusty, slow, jerking, hungry for brains freestyle strokes like a starving zombie.

Move too fast and your arms will fall off, or maybe you’ll lose a leg.

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  1. Could you explain the skeleton exercise more? I’m still unsure of what it entails of. How does a student “drag” and act as the skeleton students’ arms? I’ll make sure to use these next Halloween!

    1. It’s a little difficult to explain. Like flop your arms instead of moving smoothly. Pretend you’re a clacking skeleton without muscles and jerkike you’re undead.

      The intent is for the game to be open to interpretation and the swimmers make up what they think thay means.

  2. Sorry. I misread it.

    Your have two people. One person doesn’t have muscles. Just bones. They can’t move on their own.

    The other person grabs their hands and pulls them on the surface. After a short distance the puller moves the person’s arms in Backstroke because they can’t do it themselves.

    Because they’re a skeleton.

    Kinda like what you would do if you were using a dummy or a doll to demonstrate.