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Swimming Games for Toddlers

Core Skill:

Going Underwater


Toy Toss


This game is simple but fun. You need a toy that floats in water, such as a rubber duck or a plastic ring. You can use any toy that your child likes, as long as it is safe and easy to see. To play, you stand in shallow water with your child and toss the toy a short distance away.

Then you encourage your child to go and get it. You can say things like “Where did the duck go?” or “Can you find the ring?”

You can also make sounds or gestures to show excitement and curiosity.

The goal is to motivate your child to put their face in the water and open their eyes to look for the toy.

You can start by tossing the toy very close to you and your child, and gradually increase the distance as they get more confident. You can also vary the depth of the water, from ankle-deep to chest-deep, depending on your child’s comfort level. Make sure you always stay close to your child and supervise them at all times. You can also join them in going underwater and show them how to blow bubbles and hold their breath.

Praise your child for every attempt and celebrate their success.


This game helps your child develop their underwater skills, such as holding their breath, blowing bubbles, opening their eyes, and moving their arms and legs. It also builds their confidence and enjoyment of being in the water. It is a great way to introduce your child to the concept of swimming and prepare them for more advanced skills later on.


This game is suitable for toddlers who are comfortable in shallow water and have some interest in going underwater. You can play this game with one child or more, as long as you have enough toys and space for everyone. You can also invite other parents or caregivers to join you and make it a social activity.

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