Swimming Ideas Podcast 011: Using Progressions

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Utilize these progressions in your swim lessons! Buy the Premium Swimming Lesson plans here, and follow our guides and scripts to get your students to master complicated advanced swimming strokes.


Incremental progressions


How to use them in your swimming lessons


Front Glides


  • Stand close to the swimmer and let them hold you
  • Take one step back and make them jump to you, then support them
  • Take 2 steps back from next to swimmer, and then support when they get to you
  • Teach how to get to you without jumping UP in the air


Back glides


  • Head held on shoulder
  • Head held in hand
  • Head held by fingertips


Jumps from the side

  • Seated slide in the pool with help
  • Standing jump with help, not going underwater
  • Standing jump with help, face in, but not completely under
  • Standing jump with 1 hand held help, going underwater completely
  • Standing jump unassisted until after in the water
  • Standing jump no assistance, returning to wall.




How to use them in your swim team developmental group


Everything should be built on a foundation of streamline, or soldier position.




 Lazy Puppet to Streamline to Position 11

  • Do 10 Lazy Puppets to Soldier
  • Do 10 Soldiers to Streamline, slowly
  • Do 10 Streamlines to Position 11


Position 11 to swimming Progression


  • 25 Position 11
  • 25 Position 11 for 5 flutter kicks, then continue kicking and do 1 Freestyle armstroke, do 5more flutter kicks in position 11, then continue kicking and do the other arm 1 stroke of freestyle. Keep no swimming arm in position 11
  • 5 Position 11 for 10 kicks, then do 3 strokes of freestyle, return to position 11, repeat
  • 25 Swim Freestyle, remembering position 11 and returning to it with each stroke.


Suit, Flex, Circle, Squeeze


  • Sit on the edge, so butt almost falling in
  • Lean back, legs straight
  • Do 10x: From Straight to Suit (feet touching wall in water)
  • Do 10x From suit to flex: very little motion, just turning feet/toes out
  • Do 10x Now this is the difficult part, from Flex to Straight, but to get there do a circle.

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