Swimming Game – Streamline Launch

We should all know that streamline is the most essential and foundational swimming skill. Every stroke uses it and every portion of each competitive stroke goes through a streamline position with each stroke. In an effort to always approach the benefits of streamline without being dry, boring or needlessly repetitive, we approach good quality streamline through games.

This is a group game that you can play with a large or small group.

Each lane is a team. One person in each lane will lay flat on the surface with their belly button over the “T” mark. They will be in streamline position. Everyone else in the lane must stay behind the “T” mark, but they are going to push the person doing streamline. The goal is to send the streamlining person the farthest. The lane that goes the farthest without being DQ’d is the winner of the round. Each person goes at least once in each lane.  The lane with the most wins are the winners.

The person doing a streamline must do all 3 things for streamline or you’ll be DQ’d. If the person streamlines Kicks, they’re DQ’d. Your streamline is over when you take a breath.


Victory Conditions:

Swimmer thatstreamlines the farthest wins.


Distance determined by where swimmer’s hands are when they take their first breath.



  • Not doing one of the following:
    • Locked thumb (hand over hand, top thumb wrapped around other hand)
    • Squeezed ears with elbows
    • Looking down with whole face
  • For doing the following:
    • Kicking
    • Swimming



  • 1 swimmer in each lane will lay on the surface with their belly button over the “T” mark.
    • This person will only do streamline.
  • Other swimmers in lane must stay behind the “T” mark
  • Other swimmers push thestreamliner’s feet to give them a push/boost/shoot.
    • Can push off wall, can push legs, pull body, anything to move the streamliner forward.
  • Other pushing swimmers must not cross the “T” mark.

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