Swimming Ideas Podcast 019: How we train New Staff

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How we train new staff


  1. Training manual
    1. Visual with pictures and descriptions
    2. Scripts for skills
    3. Skill list by level
    4. Primary focus is on front glide and back glide
    5. Follow specific lesson plans so not overwhelmed with deciding what to do.
  2. Visual Swim Skill Sheets – Starter Kit, and SLI Lesson Program
  3. Training Video: Steve Hoffler
    1. Generally very good
    2. Excellent position 11
    3. Repetition
      1. Get in the habit of seeing children swimming and being taught to swim
  4. In water demonstration
    1. Free swim lesson for select children
    2. Demonstrate first
    3. New teacher demonstrates
  5. Online coursework – Pending
    1. Myswimming.net
  6. SLI Swim Instructor Training Workbook – pending
    1. Use something similar. Putting it into online workbook for distribution
  7. Shadowing
    1. Co-teach with another experienced instructor in the water for 4 shifts.
    2. Lead instructor dictates what Is happening, second co-teacher mimics skills with each child at the same time
    3. Receives correction from lead teacher and manager on duty.
  8. Review and critique
    1. Annual Review tied to raises
    2. Seasonal review tied to main teaching time
    3. Regular inservice review
      1. Self review
      2. Specific manager review on what to work on and improve


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