Swimming Game – Sharks and Minnows

Sharks and Minnows- GULP!
Hi Mom!!

Are you a swim teacher looking for some new games to teach your kids? Their are many fun games to lessons to teach kids, but this game is sure to get yours wanting more.

The game is called Sharks and Minnows and this how you play:

This game is for advanced swimmers, or swimmers who have learned how to dive in the deep end.

1. Start by gathering your students up on on side of the pool. Pick one student to play the “shark” and the other students are the “minnows.” The shark starts on one side of the pool and the minnows on the other.

2. The shark yells “dinner time” and the minnows attempt to swim to the to the other side

3. The shark may tag any minnow that is swimming over, once the last minnow is tagged, it becomes the new shark. The game continues till everyone has a chance being a shark.

This game to help kids with diving and swimming to the other side. This will help encourage kids to have in the water.

You can make variations of the shark and minnows game.

* instead of a minnow becoming a shark after being tagged it can become “seaweed” and have to tread water and stay in place. Any minnow that gets close to the seaweed can be tagged and captured and also become seaweed.

*you can make a rule that you can only be tagged underwater

*rule that you can only be tagged when you are above water

There are many variations!!

Playing sharks and minnows in the water
The shark doesn't stink, really, it doesn't.

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