Swimming Game – Sharks and Minnows

Sharks and Minnows- GULP!
Sharks and Minnows- GULP!
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Are you a swim teacher looking for some new games to teach your kids? Their are many fun games to lessons to teach kids, but this game is sure to get yours wanting more.

The game is called Sharks and Minnows and this how you play:

This game is for advanced swimmers, or swimmers who have learned how to dive in the deep end.

1. Start by gathering your students up on on side of the pool. Pick one student to play the “shark” and the other students are the “minnows.” The shark starts on one side of the pool and the minnows on the other.

2. The shark yells “dinner time” and the minnows attempt to swim to the to the other side

3. The shark may tag any minnow that is swimming over, once the last minnow is tagged, it becomes the new shark. The game continues till everyone has a chance being a shark.

This game to help kids with diving and swimming to the other side. This will help encourage kids to have in the water.

You can make variations of the shark and minnows game.

* instead of a minnow becoming a shark after being tagged it can become “seaweed” and have to tread water and stay in place. Any minnow that gets close to the seaweed can be tagged and captured and also become seaweed.

*you can make a rule that you can only be tagged underwater

*rule that you can only be tagged when you are above water

There are many variations!!

Playing sharks and minnows in the water
The shark doesn’t stink, really, it doesn’t.

Are you looking for a new swimming lesson game that uses fun and effective instruction? If so, you might want to try out this game that we have created for our swim students. It is called “Shark Attack” and it is a great way to practice swimming skills and have fun at the same time. In this blog post, we will explain how the game is played, who the game is for, and what skills it works on.

How is it played?

The game is played in a pool with one instructor and a group of students. The instructor acts as the “shark” and the students are the “fish”. The instructor wears a shark fin on their head or back and swims around the pool trying to catch the fish. The fish have to swim away from the shark using different strokes and techniques. The instructor can call out commands such as “switch to backstroke”, “dive underwater”, or “swim faster” to challenge the fish. The fish can also use pool toys or noodles to help them escape. The game ends when the shark catches all the fish or when the time runs out.

Who is the game for?

The game is suitable for swimmers of different ages and levels, as long as they can swim at least one length of the pool without assistance. The game can be adapted to suit different abilities by changing the size of the pool, the number of fish, the speed of the shark, or the commands given by the instructor. The game can also be played with more than one instructor or more than one shark to increase the difficulty or fun.

What skills does it work on?

The game works on various swimming skills such as endurance, speed, agility, coordination, and technique. The game also helps to develop confidence, teamwork, and creativity in swimmers. The game encourages swimmers to try different strokes and movements and to overcome their fears of being chased or caught by a shark. The game also provides feedback and motivation for swimmers to improve their skills and performance.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our new swimming lesson game that uses fun and effective instruction. If you want to try it out with your students or friends, you can find more details and instructions on our website. Happy swimming!

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