Swim team during Covid-19; indoor plan

Our USA Swimming team is starting swimming practices again starting this week, June 18th. We’ve been paying attention to the guidelines put forth by our state, Illinois, and have worked with our risk management agency to implement safe protocols for users and staff. My wife is immune compromised and I’ve been taking the social isolation … Read more

Covid-19 and Swimming

I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are healthy, happy, and safe. All of us are struggling with either stay at home orders or a reduction in hours and livelihood.   Our businesses hinge on having people in the water. If we get more people we’re more successful. Moving forward the suggestion is that large … Read more

Using a TV at swimming

I’ve always felt that one of the biggest impediment to using technology on the pool deck was getting it to work quickly. swimminglessonsideas.com has been an excellent resource and tool I frequent when I’m running swim lessons or training new staff. Recently I purchased a television and mounted it on wheels so that I could … Read more

Help teach streamline better

When you do streamline like a thousand times, a hundred thousand, then you forget that it can be difficult for beginners to do well. I work with kids that are transitioning from swim lessons into swim team. They don’t know how to push off in streamline. What comes naturally for me, now, is totally foreign … Read more

Pre-Tryout Clinic Day 2

Introduce the “Flow” 2 x 25 1= FREE 2 = BK Question of the Day: What strokes use “flutter kick?” Y = 1 jump off block N = 4 spins with nothing touching in the shallow end. 1 x 25 FR with side breathing

Pre-Tryout Clinic Day 1

Warmup Jump in and run or swim to 1/2 way in Mini lane as fast as possible. Get out. On deck, review “setting up your lane:” Get in and set up your lane. 3 x do a streamline off the wall. When you stop, or take a breath, move over and set up your lane. … Read more

Drills for swim teams you might be skipping

I get the feeling sometimes when I’m coaching or teaching a swim lesson that I’m wasting time. Sometimes I feel like when parents see me doing “floats” with their advanced swimmers, or doing a challenge where they do a front float, flip, then do a handstand we’re playing games without a purpose. If you’ve followed … Read more

Swimming Game – Swim Subtraction

Category: Distance swimming, Group Core Skill: Coach’s Choice, Reading the board. Name: Swim Subtraction WHO This game is for swim teams that know how to read the board a little bit. Some ability to read your shorthand, your practices, or some familiarity with your program is important. Do not play this game with beginners. We … Read more

Swimming Game – Give a Gift, Take a Swim

Category: Group activity, Social Core Skill: Coach’s choice Name: Valentine’s Day Practice I like to do different things for the holidays. Most of the kids that participate on our swim team are in grade school or middle school. They’re somewhere between 5 years old and 13 on the developmental swim team. For Valentine’s Day I … Read more

Variations on standard techniques for better swimming

At Swimming Ideas we’re all about ability, skill, and learning over endurance. I’d rather see someone swim well than swim sloppy for 200 yards. Perhaps I should say that we’re in the business of “fun and effective” swimming. In fact, I wrote a whole book about creating “fun and effective swim games.”  Through our swim … Read more

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