Swimming Game – Alligator Walk

Alligator walks are a great thing to do with novice and little swimmers. This game/activity is perfect for swimmers under 6 years old. This swimming lessons game is excellent!

This works best in a zero-depth pool (beach like simulated pool).

  • Lay on your belly and use your arms to hold your head above the water. Start in the shallowest part of the pool
  • Stretch your legs out behind you
  • “walk” using your arms and kick your feet. Goal is to simulate front glides/floats but using arms to hold up.
  • Encourage kids to blow bubbles, or look down and walk
  • If bold, walk towards deeper water so kid’s arms are just long enough to keep mouth above water.

Use this game / activity in conjunction with games like Treasure Hunt, or other location based games.


PROTIP!! Go somewhere as a group doing Alligator walks, do something at that other location, then return to home with Alligator walks.

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