Minnows 2/17/2020

Dryland Activities:

Question of the Day: What month does the next, spring season begin?
Correct = Do a May Day dance around a pole or tall person.
Wrong = Do situps until everyone is done dancing (no more than 15 seconds).

Warmup in water:

100 IM Kick
2 x 25 position 11.

Review 3 things for Streamline before first 25.
1) Lock your thumb.
2) Squeeze your ears (back of head).
3) Look down (with your whole face).
Review 3 things for Position 11 before second 25:
1) Keep your arms straight.
2) Stay at the surface (even when you breathe).
3) Look down (with your whole face).

Split Up into 2 Groups

Group 1

3 x SL + 5 FREE + 1 breath

Strong freestyle kick throughout.
Focus on arms reaching to 11, head aiming straight down, and power with each stroke.

Must breathe 1 time on stroke 2, 3, or 4. No breathing on 1 or 5.

4 x 25 BK K with FINS
4 x 25 FREE no fins

Group 2

3 x SL on back + 3 BK after flags


Underwater first, lean back, grow into streamline. Long flat glide looking up with bubbles in SL.

Stay in SL until you reach the flags.

After the flags, begin three strokes.

Count with your thumb EXITS the water, or begins the recovery portion of the stroke.

1 x 100 FREE Kick with FINS with board
1 x 100 BK (no fins)

Get back together in one group

Q of the Day Answer: April! Spring starts on April 9th.

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