Minnows & Sharks 10/7/2020


1 X 100 IM Kick
Minnows do a 50 instead of 100.
1 x 100 FREE with breathing every 3
1 x 100 IM
1 x 50 Position 11; tell coach jeff all three things to 11 and SL

Question of the Day:
What is a “six-beat kick?” Hint: Crawl.

Correct: Do 30 Flutter kicks with your back against the wall. Huge splashes.
Wrong: Swim to 1/2 way with awesome 6-beat kick.

3 x {
1 x 100 FREE
1 x 50 2 strokes FLY + FLY Kick the rest of each 25
3 x SL + …

1: SL + FLEX
2: SL + Lift and Flex

3 x SL + “Flex”

Hold SL throughout, and push off with feet flexed, legs straight and held together, only feet are turning out.
This is to get in habit of flexing or flaring feet wide.

3 x SL + “Lift and Flex”

Streamline, then lift feet up, and flex them. Hold in that position.

Challenge #1:
Lay flat on the bottom of the pool with your head and shoulders pressed to the ground watching the bubbles go to the surface. BONUS: put two feet on the wall.

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