Practice 6/25/2020

Remember to stay distant.

Do everything on your own:
Minnows: 1 minute rest.
Sharks, White, Blue: 30 seconds rest.


1 x 100 FREE
1 x 100 BACK
2 x 50 FLY KICK

Float on your back, on the surface, keep both feet touching the wall. Hold it for 5 seconds.

2 x 50 FREE
2 x 50 BK
1 x 100 Kick CH (ch= choice: fly, bk, br, fr)

Challenge – Hips above the surface

Push off the wall in streamline briefly.

Pike at the belly lifting the hips above the water so that the butt breaths over the waves.

Hands down, head down, and legs down.

2 x 50: FREE
2 x 50: BK
1 x 100: Fly Kick

Challenge: Lay flat underwater like Goldielocks

Float on your side, like you’re laying down on your side reading a book exactly in the middle of the water from the surface and from the bottom.

Like Goldielocks, not too deep, not too shallow.
Perfectly in the middle.

2 x 50: FREE
2 x 50: BK
1 x 100: BK Kick

Challenge –

Flip 1st, then streamline on back to the flags underwater without breaking the surface

2 x 50: FREE
2 x 50: BK
1 x 100: BR K (1st 50 on back, 2nd normal)

Challenge –

Spin in a circle with your whole head above water without touching the ground. Do it again 2x. Do it again without using your hands! and again with 10 toes above the water.

2 x 50: FREE
2 x 50: BK
1 x 100: FREE Kick: hands at side, rotate to breathe.

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