Private lessons 12/17/2020

1x 100: IM K
3 x 50: Kick or Swim CH not all same stroke
1x 50: Position 11. Tell coach three for SL and 11.
white+: 1 x 200

Question of the Day:
What body position moves fastest through the water?
correct: do three different streamlines. With hands. No hands. Etc.
Wrong: 1 x 50 BK K

2 x
2 x 25: Fly
3 x 100: K/ D / S / S x 25, IM O no fly


Without bending your legs at the start, push off the wall ONLY using your feet and toes.

With NO U.B.P. get to 1/2 way with only 3 complete BR strokes.

In a back float, start with two feet flat against the wall, on the surface. Do 3 double arm BK strokes NO KICK, and turn it into a Back flip (in a ball) at the flags.

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