Sharks 3/9/2020


100 IM Kick

100 Position 11 w/ FINS

2 x 25 Position 1, side breath away from arm, w/ FINS

Question of the Day: What date is the Coho Banquet?
Correct = 50 CH w/ FINS
Wrong = 50: 5 FREE + 5 FLY

4 x 25 on 1:00 FLY w/ FINS

8 x 100: CHOICE with or without FINS on 2:30

Tell a coach what you’re doing before each 100.

Use the lifeguard tubes. Have swimmers do position 11 with the tubes, simulate a rescue, and swim free with the tube. Basically using the tube like a noodle or a floating prop to work on kicking and turning head to the side to breathe.

“Scan your lane” is a swim where you breathe to both sides “scanning” to make sure no one is drowning.

if they pass all “tests” they become a lifeguard.

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