Swim Lesson Guide – Using imagery to teach swimming

Learn how to use  exciting words to teach swimming well

This is another sample of the SLI Swim Instructor Training Workbook section 2. In it we review why you need to use imagery to create exciting and useful words when you teach swimming.

There are multiple memory, learning, and brain studies on how people incorporate new information. One of the beneficial things to do is praise the effort, and not the intelligence. We get into that later. Another creative way to get results and to have fun too is when you talk in images. Speaking in images creates a fantastical exciting and different picture in your audience’s head. When we do that they are more likely to remember what we said and associate the action to that ridiculous crazy image. If I ask you to walk around on one leg, you might immediately forget what I am saying or forget it entirely. But if I ask you to pretend you’re a one legged pirate who has lost his peg leg and now you have to hop around looking for it, making sure you don’t drop your shoulder sitting bird, you are going to have a much easier time doing what I want.

Think of something interesting, different, strange, and close to your desired goal, then talk about what it looks like or how you think it should be and ask your participants to do the same. You will get wildly different views, but if you’re creative and motivated you should be able to accurately describe what you want, but in colorful useful images that stick.



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Better swimming.

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