Swimming Game – Challenge: 25 Position 11 Freestyle


25 Position 11 Freestyle Challenge

Core Skill

Freestyle arms reaching to position 11 with every stroke


Level 4 swimmers who can swim at least 25 yards of freestyle with proper breathing


A personal challenge game where swimmers try to swim a 25 with as few strokes of position 11 freestyle possible, which means returning the arms to position 11 after every arm stroke. Position 11 is when the arms are extended straight in front of the head, with the hands touching or overlapping1.


  • Explain the rules of the game and demonstrate position 11 freestyle.
  • Have each swimmer start at one end of the pool and swim one length using position 11 freestyle. They can breathe whenever they need to, but they must keep their arms in position 11 when they are not pulling.
  • When they reach the other end, stop and write down the number of strokes they used.
  • **Swimmers MUST continue taking strokes in the water; they cannot stop swimming and just kick in position 11. When the hand hits the water, the swimmer must initiate the next FREE stroke in less than 3 flutter kicks.**
  • The swimmer with the fewest strokes to do a 25 in position 11 freestyle is the winner!

Difficulties Instructors May Face

  • Some swimmers may find it hard to maintain position 11 freestyle for a long distance or time. They may drop their arms, bend their elbows, or cross their hands. Instructors should provide feedback and encouragement to help them improve their technique.
  • Some swimmers may swim too fast or too slow using position 11 freestyle. They may lose their rhythm or their balance. Instructors should remind them to swim at a moderate pace and to keep their head down and their body streamlined.
  • Some swimmers may not understand the purpose or the benefit of position 11 freestyle. They may think it is boring or pointless. Instructors should explain that position 11 freestyle helps them develop a smooth and long freestyle stroke, as well as a strong kick and a good breathing pattern.

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