Swimming Game – Challenge: Diving Ring Pickup Progression


Diving Ring Pickup Progression

Core Skill

This challenge aims to improve the swimmers’ underwater skills, such as breath control, body position, buoyancy, and coordination.


This challenge is suitable for intermediate to advanced swimmers who are comfortable with diving and staying underwater for a few seconds.


The swimmers must each have their own diving ring. They should first have to pick up the ring from the bench bottom or the bottom of the pool with one foot. Then, they get the ring from the same depth and spot with their hand, then their mouth, then both feet, then with their arm (NOT HAND), then their chin tucked to their chest.

They get 2 attempts for each type of ring pickup. If they fail both attempts, they move on to the next type of ring pickup.


The instructor should explain the rules and demonstrate each type of ring pickup before starting the challenge. The instructor should also monitor the swimmers’ safety and provide feedback and encouragement.

The challenge can be done individually or in teams. The swimmers can compete to see who can complete the most types of ring pickups, or who can do them the fastest.

Difficulties the Instructors might face

Some possible difficulties that the instructors might face are:

  • The swimmers might have different levels of ability and confidence in diving and staying underwater. The instructor should adjust the depth and duration of the challenge accordingly, and make sure that the swimmers are not pushing themselves beyond their limits.
  • The swimmers might have trouble with some types of ring pickups, such as the arm or the chin. The instructor should provide tips and guidance on how to perform them correctly, and emphasize the importance of keeping the body streamlined and balanced.
  • The swimmers might lose interest or motivation if the challenge is too easy or too hard. The instructor should vary the difficulty and the fun factor of the challenge, such as adding obstacles, timers, or rewards.

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  1. Between the AI picture and the odd text (their mouth? really?), I’ve got to assume this content is largely AI generated. What a bummer.

    1. Hi Casey,

      I’ve been pretty upfront about my amusement with AI image generation and have used it to format the swimming games with the headings, but the content is most definitely not AI generated. When it is I tag it as such. I think there are only 3 or 4 total things that are.

      The images on this page are Absolutely generated by Copilot AI image gen.

      The content of this game is all hand-written by me 🙂 Yes. Using your teeth is a strange thing to do, but its fun and a weird interesting progression after someone has picked up a ring with their foot, fingers, arm, toes, etc. There isn’t much left of a challenge after you’ve done it a thousand times.

      Hope this isn’t too much of a bummer 🙂