Swimming Game – Challenge: Handstand Rewind

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Justin Challenge: Handstand rewind
Push off the wall towards the T mark like you’re going to do a handstand, but don’t; instead push on the ground so you launch back at the wall and hit it with your feet.

Handstand REWIND!
1: Hands on T mark.
2: Hands 1/2 way between T and Wall.
3: Hands on ground as far away as possible!

I think that this is one of my favorite challenge games, and the best part of it is that the swimmer invented it on his own! I loved this!

The kids on the swim team love this challenge and they can do it on their own during sets while they’re waiting for their turn or when they’re waiting for the interval.

You can make it more difficult as seen in the variations above, push off and put the hands of the stand past the T mark, do it closer, or go as far and you can, but remember, you have to REWIND and make it back to the wall!

This is an excellent game to focus on body position and core line. Finding the balance and strength to keep your legs straight as you go BACKWARDS through the water translates into better freestyle and backstroke where the legs are held closer together behind the torso to make a more streamlined swim.

The handstand is fun, and converting it into pushing off the bottom back to the wal promotes body preprioperception and limb control. I like doing things that help our swimmers get better and moving their body and understanding how the body moves through water.

Have you played this game? Share your experiences with a comment or picture!

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