Swimming Game – Dumpy in the Dingas!


Going underwater fun

Core Skill:

Playing, going underwater


Dumpy in the Dingas


Do you want to make your toddler’s swimming lessons more fun and engaging? Do you want to help them overcome their fear of going underwater and learn to enjoy the water? If so, you might want to try this new game that we have created for you: Dumpy in the Dingas!

Dumpy in the Dingas is a silly and playful game that encourages toddlers to go underwater and laugh with their instructor. The game is based on a funny phrase that means nothing but sounds hilarious to kids. The game is simple and easy to play, and it only requires two players: a toddler and an instructor.

To play the game, you will need:

  • A pool or a large tub filled with water
  • A toddler who can stand or sit in the water
  • An instructor who can swim and dive underwater

Here are the steps to play the game:

  1. The instructor asks the toddler to go underwater by saying “Can you go underwater for me?”
  2. If the toddler does not go underwater, he must laugh, push the instructor in the chest and say “Dumpy in the Dingas!”
  3. The instructor then goes underwater and asks the toddler “Why?!” in a funny voice.
  4. The instructor comes back up and asks the toddler to go underwater again by saying “Can you go underwater for me now?”
  5. If the toddler does go underwater, both of them shout “Dumpy in the Dingas!” and celebrate.
  6. If the toddler does not go underwater again, the instructor laughs and tells the toddler to say “Dumpy in the Dingas!” again.
  7. The toddler then pushes the instructor underwater and tries to follow him.
  8. The game continues until the toddler is comfortable with going underwater or wants to stop.


This game is great for toddlers who are afraid of going underwater or need some motivation to do so. It also helps them practice breath control, buoyancy, and coordination. The game is fun and humorous, and it creates a positive and trusting relationship between the toddler and the instructor.


Toddlers in Levels 1 and Guppies

We hope you like this game idea and try it with your toddler. If you want more examples of swimming games for toddlers, you can check out some of the games on this website. Have fun and be creative! ?

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