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Mirror Me


I would describe the Mirror Game for swimming to a swim instructor like this:

The Mirror Game is a fun and easy game that can help swimmers practice their coordination, balance, and imitation skills. It can also encourage creativity and social interaction.

To play the game, you need at least two swimmers, but you can have more if you want.

One swimmer is the leader and the other swimmer is the mirror.

The leader stands or floats in front of the mirror and does different movements in the water, such as waving their arms, kicking their legs, or spinning around.

The mirror has to copy the leader’s movements exactly as if they were looking at a mirror.

The game can be played for a few minutes or until the leader runs out of ideas.

Then, you can switch roles or choose a new leader and mirror.

You can make the game more challenging by doing the movements faster or slower, adding more players, or using different parts of the body.


The game can be adapted for different levels of swimming ability, as long as the swimmers can see each other and stay safe in the water.

The Mirror Game is a great way to have fun and learn new skills in the swimming pool.


Any level or ability

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