Swimming Game – Flip a Coin Glides; AI generated

*AI generated means the main idea came from an AI model. I have proofed and reviewed the game to ensure that it makes sense, and would be appropriate for use in swimming lessons. I’m finding that often games are regurgitated from this very website by the chat AI. Its a little scary and exciting to know that our games are feeding AI models.

Flip a Coin Glides

  • Core skill: Front and back glides
  • Who: The instructor and the students
  • What: The instructor flips a coin and calls out heads or tails. If it is heads, the students have to do a front glide from the wall. If it is tails, they have to do a back glide from the wall. The instructor can vary the distance and duration of the glides.
  • How: The instructor needs a coin that can be flipped. The students need to be able to perform front and back glides from
    the wall. The instructor can use a stopwatch to time the glides and give feedback to the students. The students can compete with each other to see who can glide the farthest or the longest.

It would make sense to have swimmers move from bench to bench moving in a Wave, or all at the same time. Make sure there is enough space between swimmers so that they don’t glide over each other.

Some challenges a swim instructor might face when conducting the Flip a coin game are:

  • The instructor might have difficulty flipping the coin and calling out the result in a clear and timely manner, especially if the pool is noisy or crowded. The instructor might need to use a whistle or a loudspeaker to get the students’ attention and communicate the result.
  • The students might have different levels of ability and confidence in performing front and back glides, which might affect their participation and enjoyment of the game. The instructor might need to differentiate the instruction and feedback for each student, as well as provide encouragement and support for those who struggle or are hesitant.
  • The students might get bored or lose interest in the game if it is repeated too many times or if the glides are too easy or too hard. The instructor might need to vary the distance and duration of the glides, as well as introduce some variations or challenges to the game, such as adding obstacles, changing directions, or combining glides with other skills.

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