Swimming Game: Secret Messages


Secret Messages

Core Skill

The core skill of this game is going underwater and observation. It encourages participants to go underwater and open their eyes as players try to decipher the secret messages.


This game is inclusive and can be played by anyone who can go underwater, including non-swimmers or weak swimmers. They can participate by hanging out on the stairs or the shallow end of the pool.


“Secret Messages” is a fun and engaging swimming pool game that involves one player saying a word or a short message underwater, and another player guessing what was said. The game encourages swimmers to go underwater and open their eyes, with or without goggles.


To play the game, start by choosing two players: one to be the messenger and the other to be the guesser. Both players go underwater at the same time. The messenger says a goofy or silly word loudly underwater. When they come back up, the guesser has to say what word or message they think the messenger said. To make guessing easier, consider choosing a theme, like animals or fruits. The instructor can provide suggestions to the speaker each round, ensuring a different word for each participant, or let the swimmer choose.

Difficulties Instructors Might Face

Instructors might face a few challenges while conducting this game:

  1. Clarity of Speech: Since speaking underwater can muffle sounds, it might be difficult for the guesser to understand the secret message.
  2. Fear of Water: Some participants, especially those who are non-swimmers or weak swimmers, might be hesitant to put their heads underwater.
  3. Safety Concerns: Ensuring the safety of all participants, particularly those who are not strong swimmers, can be challenging.
  4. Eye Irritation: Some swimmers might experience discomfort or irritation from opening their eyes underwater, especially without goggles.

To overcome these difficulties, instructors can encourage clear enunciation of words, provide floatation devices for those who need them, ensure that the game is played in a safe and supervised environment, and recommend the use of goggles to protect the eyes.

** I thought this last picture was too funny not to include.

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