Swimming Game – Twirling Strokes


Personal Challenge

Core Skill:

Knowledge of all 4 competitive strokes


Twirling Strokes


Each swimmer in the lane gets a chance to take 4 breaths and do 6 strokes. They should do a streamline, spin along their spinal axis underwater, and when they get to the surface do at least 1 butterfly stroke where they spin in the air, landing on their back, to do 2 backstroke strokes. On the second backstroke stroke, they should spin into a breaststroke stroke. After the breaststroke kick, glide, and spin doing 1 free/back stroke, and ending on their stomach doing a freestyle stroke.


This is fun because of the spinning addition between strokes. It promotes an understanding of what correct fly, back, breast, and free strokes are by adding the extra hurdle of spinning between strokes or during them.


Level 3, 4, and swim team swimmers.

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