Swimming Game – Underwater Picture

Category: Individual Challenge

Core Skill: Going Underwater, Recovering to surface

Name: Underwater picture game

This game idea comes from one of Swimming Ideas’ members. She uses this game in her swimming lessons and it is a wonderful way to encourage younger swimmers to put their face in the water and begin opening their eyes behind the goggles. The picture distracts them from the scary underwater experience and the questions she asks helps motivate swimmers to look at the pictures remembering detail.  Thank you Julia!



Play this game with your youngest swimmers. Provide goggles or masks to encourage eye opening underwater.  We play this with level 1.



Work on going underwater and opening your eyes underwater. Practice how to stand up from bending over to go underwater on your own. Getting your own feet underneath you to stand up unassisted.



This game requires a little bit of preparation.
  • Download, draw, or create an underwater scene.
  • On reverse side (not picture side) write down a series of questions about the scene.
  • Laminate the picture. We use this laminator for small jobs:

Here are the instructions that Julia uses when playing this game:
“Hold the picture against the wall (so they can’t just look from above the water without going under)
I ask them a question like, “can you count how many bubbles there are? Or… Can you point to the
Starfish?” This helps them go underwater with a purpose and distracts them from Being fearful
About going underwater.”
Ask specific questions about the picture that you have pressed against the wall, or held underwater on the bottom.
For beginners that don’t like going underwater at all, and refuse to participate, require them to put something (shoulder, chin, lips, nose, eyes) underwater and you can give them a hint.
Give hints like, “The snake is the same color as the sky,” and “The seaweed looks like grass.”
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What success have you had with this game?
Have you printed out and laminated a fun underwater game scene to ask your participants about?
Let us know in the comments below, or on facebook or twitter.

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