4/9/2019 Sharks


100 IM Kick

100 BK

2 x 25 Position 11

Question of the Day: How many yards is it from the wall to the first flags? 5 yards
Y = 50 BK
N = 50 FLY K on back

4 x 25 on 1:00 FREE KICK w/ board

Split up into two groups:

Group 1:

3 x SL + 3 FREE + Flip

Strong freestyle kick throughout.
Focus on arms reaching to 11, head aiming straight down, and power with each stroke.

Group 2:

3 x SL on BK

Begin underwater. Lay on back, hands on head, grow into streamline. Push off in straight line.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

Get back together into one group

3 x {

2 x 50 FR K w/ FINS no board

1 x 100 BK no FINS

1 challenge


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