Swimming Game – Noodle Race Partners

This game is good for developmental swim teams, large swim lesson classes, or the more advanced swimmers.

You will need: 1 noodle for every 2 participants

  • Have swimmers form pairs or partners
  • Give each pair 1 noodle
  • Both partners are to be on TOP of the noodle in some fashion (some swimmers will straddle the noodle, others will lay over it; ultimately its up to you to choose which way to go).
  • Race to the other end, or race to the other end and back.

This is a fun game to give to swimmers as a reward, or to race. It is goofy and fun.


This game focuses on teamwork, fun, kicking, sculling, and pulling the water. In order to move the swimmers will realize that they have to PUSH the water with their hands, or kick with their feet to move.

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