Swimming Game – Duck Partner Kick

This is a great game to play with both swim teams and swim lessons. Ideally your swimmers will be able to kick with a kickboard by themselves for more than 4 lengths.


Start at one end of the pool with everyone

  • Have swimmers form partners
  • Give 1 little rubber duck to each group
  • Swimmers must keep the duck on the kickboard any way they can while kicking
  • Swimmers are not allowed to use their hands from the wrist down
  • can use any other part of their body to either hold, or rescue their duck
  • 1 partner goes first and goes down and back
  • Pass the duck to the other partner without using hands
  • Second partner goes down and back
  • Continue for specified duration

PROTIP!! You can say “we are doing a 400 partner kick!” This means that each swimmer will do a 50 at a time, with a total amount of 400 yards, where each swimmer does 200 yards.


PROTIP!! The easiest way of holding the duck is by squeezing with the elbows or forearms.


PROTIP!! Dictate which kicks are allowed, or remove the kickboard to increase difficulty!

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