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Aquatic Professionals know that we don’t all know everything. We reach out for more information, we like to connect with others, and see how other instructors and professionals tackle common problems.

My goal with Swimming Ideas and the All Access Memberships is to provide clear and simple tools that make your training, instruction, and swimming teaching experience easier.

Better lessons, together.

Fun and effective swimming instruction.

All Access tools make that goal a reality. Interested? Let’s look at how.

Swimming Games and Challenges inside the Lesson Plans

90% of new visitors come from the Swimming Lessons Games page as part of their search to find fun ways to teach swimming.

Maybe you’re here to discover ways to engage your swimmers through interesting games, or to energize your lesson program beyond the drudgery of repetition, drills, and stale activities.

We want you to have fun and effective swimming lessons. Games and Challenges are the spice and flavor of every lesson, practice, and coaching session.

Challenges and games range from the simple to the complex:

Simple Games and Challenges:

Complex Games and Challenges:

Every lesson plan from Parent Tot, Guppies and Levels 1 – 4 have games and challenges

Every single lesson plan. That’s right. They all have multipel games and challenges baked in so you can use them until you’re comfortable to start creating your own.

Most people use and reference lesson plans when they’re starting. As they develop mastery and comfort the need for referencing and using a lesson plan decreases. That’s natural. That’s expected.

We want you to build up the confidence and ability to create your own lesson plans and lesson flow without having to look at a waterproof piece of paper all the time.

But until you’re ready, the lesson plans serve as a reference guide.

The challenges get more interesting, difficult, and dynamic

As the swimmer and the instructor use the lesson plans, they’ll become more and more familiar with the concept and flow of your lessons.

Swimmers will master challenges and ask for more! Instructors can look at a basic challenge above and think, “what roadblock can I put in this challenge to make it more interesting?”

One thing for 5 toes above the water is, to add body parts, remove support, and increase the duration. Change a variable, and adapt this simple level 1 challenge to all levels and abilities!

For level 4, the first challenge is pushing off the wall in airplane position. We can assume a large number of things about the competency and ability of a swimmer in this level versus someone in level 1. We know they can do a front glide, go underwater, recover to standing, know what a streamline is, and know how to do airplane comfortably.

And this challenge can be very difficult to accomplish even for the most advanced swimmers!

That’s the awesome part of our lesson plans games and challenges! They’re progressively appropriat for every level and there are multiple challenges and games in each day of lessons!

Even better, is that you can iterate on the games and challenges. You can adapt them to your unique lessons and studetns. Do you want to swap out a challenge for something else? Go for it!

We want to teach you how to create games and challenges by guiding you through them each day and each level. As you get comfortable using them your understand will develop and you can begin creating your own!

Membership provides tools that make swim instruction easier, effective, and fun! Check out all we offer today.

$199.97 / year

Membership gives you lesson plans that are FULL of games!

Check out the free preview now! You’ll see all of our challenges and games in Level 1 Day 1 and get a sampling of how our tools will help you teach fun and effective swimming.

Better swimming.
Download FREE tools.

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  1. Jeff and team,
    Thank you so much for providing valuable tools and insights for swimming instructors. I’ve been a member for about 3 years, and I’ve integrated some of the lesson plans and games into my own plans and curriculums. As an independent swim instructor with over 20 years of experience (I’ve been teaching/ coaching for half my life), these guides have been useful in making my lessons more structured, fun and engaging. Even the parent-tot lessons – some of the most intimidating lessons to teach, have become my favorite lessons filled with compliments from the parents on how good they were.

    I’m one of the most sought-after instructors at my YMCA, and my business has waitlists long before the summer starts, so-much-so that I am considering training and hiring for other instructors to take on some of the leads!

    Thanks again – I will be referring other instructors to the membership and spreading the word!

  2. Thank you so very much for your kind words and story. I’m thrilled that you are standing out as an excellent instructor with a vibrant business!

    Best of luck in starting to expand! It can be a lot of work but its rewarding to start training staff and seeing others succeed too!

    Check your email. We have some exciting and generous affiliate options if you’re interested.