Swimming Game – Challenge: Giving Love; your favorite toy


Giving Love

Core Skill

Sharing and swimming skills


This challenge is suitable for swimmers who can swim at least 50 yards or meters with different toys, tools, or aids.


This challenge is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing your favorite swimming items with others and trying new ones.


  • Have the swimmers pick out their favorite activity toy, swimming aid tool (like a kickboard or fins), or any other item that they enjoy using in the pool and bring them back behind their lane.
  • All swimmers, with their favorite item, either swim a 50 with their toy, tool, aid, or do the challenge, game, activity with that item. For example, if they have a ring, they can swim with it on their arm or toss it and swim to it. If they have a kickboard, they can do a 50 kick or play a game of tag with it.
  • Then, after they’ve played with it one time, they must GIVE their favorite, prized, most joyful item to someone else in their lane. They can choose who to give it to, or the instructor can assign them randomly.
  • That person should then use the item in a 50 swim, game, or challenge. They should try to have fun with it and appreciate the gift.
  • Repeat sharing your favorites until all people in the lane have exchanged. They should thank each other for the gifts and say something nice about them.
  • If there are more than four people in a lane, they can switch to other lanes if they want to try different items or meet new friends.

Difficulties the Instructor Might Face

  • Some swimmers may not want to share their favorite item or try a new one. The instructor can encourage them by explaining the benefits of sharing, such as making new friends, learning new skills, and having more fun.
  • Some swimmers may not have a favorite item or may not know how to use the item they receive. The instructor can help them by suggesting some items or showing them how to use them.
  • Some swimmers may get bored or distracted by the items and not swim properly. The instructor can remind them to focus on their swimming technique and safety while using the items.

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