Swimming Game – Challenge: Striking Love


Striking Love

Core Skill

Throwing accuracy and swimming skills


This challenge is suitable for swimmers who can throw objects over a distance and swim different strokes.


This challenge is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day by throwing “Cupid’s Arrows” into floating hula hoops and swimming to retrieve them.


  • Hand out rings, floating toys, squish balls, or any toy that can float or sink and that someone can throw to each swimmer.
  • Put floating hula hoops in the water in each lane just beyond the flags. Have swimmers line up on the wall in their lap lane.
  • Swimmers take turns throwing their “Cupid’s Arrows” over the flags and attempt to make them land in the hula hoop. If they do, then they’ve Struck Love and have helped Cupid on Valentine’s Day.
  • Swimmers then all retrieve their toy by doing a streamline plus FREE or Butterfly to the hula hoop. They should all return to their lane and reset the hula hoop. Everyone gets 3 attempts.
  • When done, do a short set of swimming.
    • 4 x SL + 5 FREE + 1 breath for beginners.
    • 4 x 25 FREE for middle.
    • 4 x 100 FREE for advanced.
  • During the set, Cupid’s helpers get to change up to 3 (if they got the hula hoop 3 times) reps of the set to their favorite swim, stroke, or swimming motion. They can walk, swim, kick, fins, snorkel, anything for up to that number of Struck Love!

Difficulties the Instructor Might Face

  • Some swimmers may have difficulty throwing the objects accurately or far enough. The instructor can adjust the distance of the hula hoops, provide different types of objects, or give feedback on the throwing technique.
  • Some swimmers may not be able to swim the required strokes or distances. The instructor can modify the challenge by allowing different strokes, reducing the distances, or providing flotation devices.
  • Some swimmers may lose track of their attempts or their number of Struck Love. The instructor can keep a record of the scores, use a timer, or assign a partner to each swimmer.

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