Swimming Game – Challenge: One Stroke FREE w/ Mirror


One stroke FREE mirror

Core Skill

Freestyle stroke technique


Level 3 swimmers who can swim at least 25 yards of freestyle with proper breathing and body position.


A challenge that requires the swimmer to push off the wall in streamline, do one freestyle stroke over a mirror on the bottom of the pool, and roll on their side while keeping the other arm in position 1. The swimmer has to repeat this three times without stopping.


  • Place the metal or plastic mirrors on the bottom of the pool so that they cover at least three body lengths from the wall. You can use [these mirrors] as an example.
  • Explain the challenge to the swimmers and demonstrate how to do it correctly. Emphasize the importance of looking at their reflection and doing one complete freestyle stroke with a high elbow recovery and a strong pull. Also, remind them to keep their head down and their body aligned when they roll on their side.
  • Have the swimmers line up at the wall and take turns doing the challenge. Give them feedback on their performance and correct any errors they make. Praise them for their effort and improvement.
  • To make the challenge more difficult, you can increase the number of strokes they have to do, reduce the distance between the mirrors, or add obstacles or toys on the mirrors that they have to avoid.

Difficulties instructors may face

Some possible difficulties that instructors may face when conducting this challenge are:

  • The swimmers may not be able to see their reflection clearly due to water clarity, lighting, or goggles. To overcome this, you can adjust the position or angle of the mirrors, use brighter or colored mirrors, or ask the swimmers to wear clear or tinted goggles.
  • The swimmers may lose their balance or coordination when they roll on their side or do the freestyle stroke. To overcome this, you can use a kickboard or a noodle to support them, have them practice rolling on their side separately, or slow down their movement and focus on each part of the stroke.
  • The swimmers may get bored or frustrated with the challenge if it is too easy or too hard for them. To overcome this, you can vary the difficulty level according to their ability, offer them choices or alternatives, or make it more fun by adding music, games, or rewards.

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