Parent Tot

Round 1: -Sit child on the side. -Splash feet or play with toys. Use the floating smiley faces. -Press smile underwater with 1 foot, then the other. -Press smile under with both feet.– Sing Ring around the Rosey, and at the end say “…all jump in!” -Jump in; see picture: Get together in the middle: …

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Parent Tot 10/30/2021

Halloween! Halloween Round 1:– Sit on side. Splash and Kick. – Sitting on side, push the smile face floats underwater with hands and feet.– Throw a toy, jump in, front float to the toy, back float back to the wall. – Repeat. SONG: To scare some folks on Halloween,I’ll tell you what I’ll do.I’ll hide …

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Parent Tot – Bobs

Go underwater repeatedly. Blow bubbles underwater. Breathe in above water. Beginner: go up to lips. Intermediate: go underwater up to nose. Advanced: Go underwater completely  

Parent Tot – Hokey Pokey

Child held by parent facing inside of circle. Parent holding child facing away from chest, or in the saddle (child legs around one of parent’s hips to the side). Create circle of parents and instructor. Sing: “You put your [right leg] in, You put your [right leg] out; You put your [right leg] in, And …

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Parent Tot – Front Crawl Arms

Child held by parent. Parent holding child in FRONT GLIDE position. Parent uses one hand to hold child up by holding chest with palm up. Parent uses other hand to grab child’s arm and move it in a circle. Parent switches hands and alternates child’s arms. Optional: Throw toy and do arm circles to the …

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Parent Tot – Back Crawl Arms

Child held by parent. Parent holding child. Parent holds child with one hand, palm up on back, child’s head on surface of water in front of parent’s body. Use one hand to grasp child’s arm and move it in a backwards circle motion. Parent switches hands on child’s back and makes circle motion with child’s …

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Parent Tot – Passing to the wall

Child held by parent. Parent holding child in front of body facing away. Parent should hold child horizontal facing towards the wall. Count “1, 2, 3, GO!” and pass the child forward by extending arm. Child should reach out and grab the wall. Beginner: Parent holds onto child entire time. Intermediate: Parent lets go of …

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