Parent Tot – Bobs

Go underwater repeatedly. Blow bubbles underwater. Breathe in above water. Beginner: go up to lips. Intermediate: go underwater up to nose. Advanced: Go underwater completely  

Parent Tot – Scooping – Going Underwater

Child in the water held by parent. Parent Holding child thumbs over collar bones with fingers and palm on chest, or like catching football (thumbs on chest, fingers on back) Progression based on comfort. Beginner: Count “1, 2, 3, GO!” Take a step backwards and scoop child down to water in a “U” shape, getting …

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Parent Tot – Back Glide

“Child in the water held by parent. Parent in the water holding child. Beginner: Parent hold child on their back. Child’s head is on the parent’s shoulder. Parent shoulder is underwater. Parent and child should be cheek to cheek. Child feet pointed away from parent’s chest. Advanced: Parent hold child on back. Child’s head is …

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Parent Tot – Front Glide

“Child in the water held by parent. Parent in the water holding child. Parent hold child like catching a football, if possible, child’s hands on parent shoulders. Child’s feet should be extending away from parent’s chest. Hold child horizontal as much as possible. Walk backwards and encourage child to put face in the water looking …

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Parent Tot – Row Row Row your Boat

“Child in the water held by parent in BACK GLIDE position. Parent holding child in BACK GLIDE position. Sing: “”Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream.”” On the “”row, row”” part, take child’s hands and do a back stroke with them, emphasizing pushing the …

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Parent Tot – Ring around the Rosie

“Child in the water. Parent in the water. If able, create a circle with other parents and children. Sing together: “”Ring-a-round the rosie,/ A pocket full of posies, / Ashes! Ashes! / We all fall down.”” On “”we all fall down”” go underwater with you child, or to their level of comfort. Alternate verse: “”Ring-a-round …

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