Swimming Game – Mirror, Mirror, Pose


Mirror Mirror Pose

Core Skill

This game helps swimmers to improve their streamline, stroke technique, and body awareness by using swim mirrors to observe their own movements in the water.


This game is suitable for level 3 swimmers who have learned the basics of freestyle, breaststroke, and butterfly, and can swim at least 25 yards without stopping.


This game requires swim mirrors to be placed on the bottom of the pool in the swimmer’s lane. The mirrors should be at least 3 body lengths long, and cover the entire width of the lane. The game consists of the following steps:

  • Swimmers streamline off the wall and do 2 strokes of any stroke they choose; freestyle, breaststroke, or fly. Or they can do a drill instead of a stroke.
  • At the end of the 2 strokes, they must do any pose they choose and float. The pose can be anything they want, such as a star, a ball, a fish, etc.
  • The goal is to watch themselves swim the entire time, including the streamline, to see what it looks like. The pose is a fun aspect intended to just be silly and enjoyable.
  • The instructor will celebrate the swimmer that has the coolest pose according to their judgment.


To play this game, the instructor will need to:

  • Set up the swim mirrors on the bottom of the pool in the swimmer’s lane. Make sure they are secure and do not move or slide.
  • Explain the rules and objectives of the game to the swimmers. Demonstrate an example of how to do the game, if possible.
  • One swimmer will go at a time, while the others wait at the wall. The instructor will watch and give feedback to each swimmer.
  • After each swimmer finishes their turn, the instructor will praise their effort and comment on their pose. The instructor will also point out any areas of improvement for their streamline or stroke technique, if needed.
  • The instructor will decide which swimmer has the coolest pose in each group, and announce it to the class. The instructor can also give a small reward or incentive to the winners, such as a sticker, a candy, or a high five.

Difficulties an Instructor may face

Some possible difficulties that an instructor may face when playing this game are:

  • The swim mirrors may not be available or in good condition. The instructor will need to check the availability and quality of the mirrors before the class, and have a backup plan in case they are not usable.
  • The swimmers may not be able to see themselves clearly in the mirrors, due to the water clarity, the lighting, or the angle of the mirrors. The instructor will need to adjust the position and orientation of the mirrors, and make sure the water is clean and well-lit.
  • The swimmers may be distracted by their own reflection, or by the other swimmers in the pool. The instructor will need to remind them to focus on their own swimming, and not to interfere with the other groups.
  • The swimmers may have difficulty doing the pose, or may not want to do it. The instructor will need to encourage them to be creative and have fun, and to give them some examples of possible poses. The instructor will also need to be flexible and allow the swimmers to choose their own pose, as long as it is safe and appropriate.

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