Sharks 1/20/2020

Question of the Day: What is today’s Date?Correct = Do 20 jumpsWrong = Do 20 jumps and 10 situps. What you need for today:1) Kickboard2) Fins3) Waterbottle (if you have one)4) Bravery.IF you miss an interval, a 20, or a length, then you need to pay 2 pushups and 2 situps for each one missed. … Read more

Parent-Tot 12/7/2019

Do all things as a group. Announce the activity, give an example and have them do it on their own or with you for support. Be confident. They should know most of these things. Sit on the side, and slide in. The child sits on the side of the pool and the parent gets in … Read more

Sharks 11/18/2019

Warmup 100 IM Kick100 BK K2 x 25 Position 11 Question of the Day: Is chocolate milk a good choice to drink immediately after swim practice? Correct = 50 CHWrong = 50 FLY K no board.4 x 25 on 1:00 FREEStreamline to the flags, make the interval, finish by touching the wall. Split up … Read more

Minnows 11/6/2019

Dryland Activities: Question of the Day: How many yards are in a 500 yard freestyle?Correct = 5 jumps with high knees.Wrong = 5 jumps with high knees and a 30 second plank. Warmup in water: 100 IM Kick2 x 25 position 11.Review 3 things for Streamline before first 25.1) Lock your thumb.2) Squeeze your ears … Read more

Halloween Practice Ideas

3 x SL + 3 Zombie FREE Take three crusty, slow, jerking, hungry for brains freestyle strokes like a starving zombie. Move too fast and your arms will fall off, or maybe you’ll lose a leg. 3 x SL + 3 Skeleton BK You’re all bones! Have someone move your arms for you.Drag a friend … Read more

Pre-Tryout Clinic Day 2

Introduce the “Flow” Dryland Yoga Flow for Swimmers: Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint PlankChaturangaPlankDown DogForward Fold / Lazy PuppetSoldierStreamline111 Freeother arm FreeBoth for butterflyRepeat. Set up your lane 1st person starts in the lane’s corner. Everyone else lines up along the lane line. #1 pushes off, does their activity, then moves over. Returns to the … Read more

Pre-Tryout Clinic Day 1

Warmup A woman swimmer streamlines under water at the start of a race. What are the 3 things for streamline we’re working on? 1) Lock Thumb 2) Look Down 3) Squeeze Ears with elbows Standing on Deck, demonstrate and say it. Jump in and run or swim to 1/2 way in Mini lane as … Read more

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